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UltraMind: A new way of thinking

     It is no longer about "getting whatever you want," like many other courses. UltraMind takes the very spiritual approach that we were all sent here to planet earth for a purpose, and that purpose is to improve conditions on the planet.

     When you dedicate yourself to doing that - to improving conditions for humanity - an interesting thing happens:

     The conditions in your own life improve.

     You are healthier, happier, luckier, and more successful!

     You have better relationships, more confidence, more satisfaction and fulfillment in your life, and somehow you seem to receive all of the things that you need to keep you going.

     But... Jose Silva always cautioned us... we should not work to improve conditions on the planet in order to receive the benefits; instead, they are the result of our correct attitude.

     It is much like any other job where you are working for a good boss: Work hard and contribute what you can, without complaining; be honest and fair; look for ways to help the company prosper... and your employer will make sure that you receive enough compensation to keep you enthused and eager to continue to contribute.

     When you lift up humanity, he told us, you are lifting up yourself as well. A rising tide lifts all boats equally. Those who try to get the tide to lift only their own boat, wind up frustrated and unhappy, often worrying themselves sick, ruining their relationships, and wind up bitter and disappointed at how their life turned out.

     We invite you to come and learn for yourself. Learn to center yourself... your brain and mind... at the powerful alpha brain wave level; experience the power of the even deeper theta level; and learn to use the Delta Doorway - the delta brain wave levels of deep sleep - to communicate nightly with higher intelligence "on the other side" - in the spiritual dimension - to obtain guidance and support to help you fulfill your mission in life.

     Join us for the weekend. Learn more for yourself. Put us to the test, and make us prove that you have psychic ability... that you can remotely view distant subjects and accurately describe their circumstances, and problems that need to be corrected. Not just once or twice... repeatedly, until you are satisfied.

     If you are not satisfied, just let say so and your Instructor will refund every cent you paid, no hesitation, no questions asked. Fair enough?

     We hope you will join us in the next class, and... like so many others who have learned Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing... it will help you to make the rest of your life, the best of your life.

     Thank you.

     To fully develop your ESP and learn Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing, attend a Silva UltraMind ESP System live presentation. Your instructor's mind will guide your mind to know what to do.

     You can get started, learn the fundamentals, and enhance your natural ESP experiences with the Silva UtlraMind ESP System Home Study Course.

For more Silva Courses please visit www.SilvaCourses.com

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