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Jose Silva directing a case working exercise. He serves as your orientologist and helps you to develop your intuition by guiding you in working a health case on a very special recording, available on audio cassette or CD, Item Number 9810-8.
Jose Silva supervises one of his students as he projects his mind to detect the health problems of a subject who is hundreds of miles away

Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System Home Seminar at www.SilvaCourses.com

Jose Silva's Holistic Faith Healing Home Study Course available at www.SilvaCourses.com

If you have a health problem and would like for Silva graduates worldwide will work on it, or if you are a Silva graduate who wants to work health cases, please visit:

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We also have reports of research conducted by other scientists in the field of ESP and human capabilities:

Professor John Mihalasky headed up a 10-year research project on precognition and how it benefits business people. He found that some people are able to predict the future, and these are the people who make decisions that generate the highest profits.

Cleve Backster was the first to discover Primary Perceptive Capability in plants. In other words, cells can perceive our intentions even before we act. Read here about his landmark research.

Dr. Bernard Grad brought a holistic faith healer into his laboratory and measured his ability to use the energy in his hands to encourage faster plant growth, and to heal disease and wounds in laboratory mice.

The Tomato Experiment was conducted by a Silva Instructor, and demonstrates the healing power that you have in your own hands.

     To fully develop your ESP and learn Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing, attend a Silva UltraMind ESP System live presentation. Your instructor's mind will guide your mind to know what to do.

     You can get started, learn the fundamentals, and enhance your natural ESP experiences with the Silva UtlraMind ESP System Home Study Course.

For more Silva Courses please visit www.SilvaCourses.com

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